Free Resources & Strategies for Higher Ed Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Building. The C•CUBE Toolkit from UWO & Venn Collaborative sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation

C•CUBE for Ecosystem Consultants

The following article contains ideas for ways that consultants and contractors supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem building can make use of the conversation guides provided in C•CUBE. Please share this article and information about the toolkit with consultants and contractors you think might have an interest.

As a contractor or consultant specializing in supporting entrepreneurial ecosystem building, you you play a critical role in facilitating collaboration, driving innovation, and fostering sustainable growth within communities. The C•CUBE toolkit offers a valuable resource to enhance your consulting practice and maximize your impact.

As you engage with the materials in C*CUBE, note that they are covered by a Creative Commons BY-SA license. This means that as a consultant or contractor supporting ecosystem building, you are free to use and adapt these resources in your practice, provided that you include appropriate attribution and share any derivative works under the same license.

Here are some ideas on how you can leverage the toolkit in your work:

  • Facilitate Collaborative Workshops. Use the conversation guides provided in the C•CUBE toolkit to facilitate workshops and meetings with ecosystem stakeholders. These guides offer structured frameworks for engaging participants, generating ideas, and developing action plans to address key challenges and opportunities within the ecosystem.

  • Customize Conversation Guides. Tailor the C•CUBE conversation guides to suit the specific needs and priorities of your clients and their ecosystems. Add relevant case studies, examples, and data to enrich the discussions and provide context for decision-making.
  • Integrate C•CUBE Resources into Strategic Planning. Incorporate insights from C•CUBE into your clients’ strategic planning processes. Use the inventory and mapping tools to assess ecosystem assets and identify areas for growth and development. Help clients align their goals and resources with the broader ecosystem-building objectives outlined in the toolkit.

  • Foster Knowledge Sharing and Learning. Encourage your clients to explore C•CUBE resources independently and participate in knowledge-sharing events and training sessions. Emphasize the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in driving ecosystem success.

  • Engage in Capacity Building. Support capacity-building efforts within the ecosystem by training local leaders, entrepreneurs, and stakeholders on how to use C•CUBE effectively. Empower them to take ownership of their ecosystem-building initiatives and drive sustainable change from within.

  • Measure and Evaluate Impact. Help your clients establish metrics and evaluation frameworks to track the impact of their ecosystem-building efforts over time. Use the C•CUBE guidelines on defining success metrics and assessing alignment and gaps to ensure that progress is measurable and meaningful.

By integrating C•CUBE into your consulting practice, you can enhance your effectiveness as a catalyst for positive change in entrepreneurial ecosystems. Together, we can build vibrant, inclusive, and resilient communities where entrepreneurship thrives.

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